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Why Recycle PCs?

About 40% of the heavy metals, including lead, mercury and cadmium, in landfills come from discarded electronic equipment. It can and does get worse. Landfill is not only wasteful and unsightly but is potentially a serious time bomb.

The health effects of lead are well known and just 1/70th of a teaspoon of mercury salt can contaminate 20 acres of a lake.

The slightest bit of 'run off' from a landfill site can potentially be a massively dangerous pollutant.

Of course, not all electronic equipment is PC related but a lot is. An awful lot.

This is not just wasteful and ugly it's the source of a major pollution problem and ultimately expensive. You're the one paying for landfill and the cleaning up after it.


can't you just smell it? 


not good huh?

Discarded Computers!

Less than 10% of discarded computers are currently recycled. So what happens to the rest?

Many older computers are either stored (in lofts, garages, offices, cupboards awaiting their inevitable fate) or increasingly thrown out with the rubbish out of ignorance of the hazardous (& potentially valuable) materials contained in them. 

Landfill wastes both land AND raw materials.

Many other PCs are only partially recycled and even then involve waste in all of its ugly forms. Read our recycling promise to see what is possible. 

It's not necessary either. There is a solution

You wouldn't bury this rubbish on your own land would you?


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