Hardware Upgrade

We will advise the kind of upgrades your PC could benefit from,and install your choice of upgrade.

From 10.00  Plus Parts

Data Backup

We will backup the data of your choice.

1.00 Per 1GB of Data
Minimum 15.00

Data Cleanse

We will erase your data to Following standards using our proffessional software.


Data Recovery

We will attempt to recover your data from a disk and create a backup.


Data Transfer

We will transfer your data from one computer to another.

 1.00 Per 1GB of Data
Minimum 15.00

Driver Download

We will download and install the driver for your hardware device.


PC Diagnostics

We will diagnose your PC.


Operating System Installation

We will install your OS for you including all drivers.


PC Cleanup

We will service your PC inside and out and perform a maintenance check on the operating system.


Laptop Fan Clean/Replacement

We will strip down the laptop and re-compound the CPU with fresh heatsink compound. We will also clean out the fan of any clogged dust.



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